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istha’s first book, Seven Conversations, dealt with the application of Gita in today’s world through fiction. She has also authored the popular reference book, Smart Engineer’s Guide to MS in USA. Previously, a Computer Science graduate from University of Illinois and MBA dropout from New York University, she left behind her flourishing Wall Street career in USA to mentor students in India.

She was announced a Top Writer for 2016 on Quora (a popular QnA social media in USA and Europe), her answers gathering nearly 3 Million views till date. With 18000 followers (mostly Indian youth and students), she is one of the most influential Indians on this website. 

Additionally, her articles on career, education, travel & entrepreneurship have appeared on Entrepreneur, DailyO, Tribune, DNA & Times.

/ Why this Book?

The reason Nistha chose to write this book is because she tried 3 failed ventures before starting her fourth that worked! Having closely engaged with New York startup community where she helped organize NYU Stern‘s first Entrepreneurship Summit inviting legendary Seth Godin for keynote, she found her way into a fast growing Manhattan startup by dropping out of NYU MBA after first year. Be it getting mentioned on Fred Wilson’s AVC blog or helping startups raise funds through INSITE program, she has followed startups for a long time. She very well knows that running one is a whole new ballgame.

When she returned to India in 2012, her own entrepreneurial hustles began. Joining Morpheus mentorship with Sameer and Nandini, she built upon her own dreams. To answer her own questions and help many aspiring entrepreneurs find their motivation through the real stories of ‘those who have done it’, she began writing this book in 2016.

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