Specially designed services for students in Classes IX-XII

Do you know 80% of the high school students do not know what they want to do?

We provide career coaching specifically for students in grade IX or X so that you can find what is the ideal way forward for your child.

The admission rates at the Ivy League schools ranged from 4.5% (Harvard) to 10.6% (Cornell) in 2019

The admissions process for undergraduate classes is complex, confusing and varies from country to country. Scholar Strategy provides holistic services for applicants and parents – from discovering if study abroad is right for you to designing an effective admissions strategy once you decide to apply abroad.

Our Admission Consulting service helps you select right-fit destination(s) and programs based on your financial and intellectual need. We assist you with the preparation of application components and interviews.

Choose from the packages below

Career Finder

Our Career Finder package is designed to help a high school student find what kind of career will suit him/her.

College Cracker

College Cracker package is designed to help you apply to colleges in USA. Since every student has different requirements, the packages are designed as per your requirement – based on number of essays to be drafted, number of colleges being applied to, help with recommendations and so on.