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A constellation of imaging satellites that can detect something as small as gas pipeline leaks. An intelligent customer service voice bot that can mirror your language and accent. A portable breathing device that can save lakhs of infants who die on their way to reaching an ICU.

No, we are not talking about Silicon Valley - these are all Made in India startups.

When an MIT trained scientist, Varun Aggarwal, and a bestselling startup author, Nistha Tripathi, come together to examine the cool stuff happening in India, a book like this is born.

They investigate a world of startups beyond e-commerce, payment gateways, hotel and cab aggregation by talking to 10 deeptech and AI founders who have not only created space technology, genomics tools, robots, self-driving vehicles, medtech devices but also built successful business models around them. Many of them already have clients around the globe and are getting closer to the unicorn valuations.

The book shows how successful deeptech and AI startups can be made in India and gives a primer on the complex sounding technologies that power these startups. A must read for anyone who is passionate about startups and technology.


Featuring the never-heard-before interviews of co-founders of Pixxel, Strand Life Sciences, Skit.ai, GreyOrange, Ati Motors, SocialCops, Niramai, CropIn, InnAccel, and Invento


The Space Photographers

Led by Awais Ahmed and Kshitij Khandelwal, Pixxel is all set to launch its first satellite in 2022, and that too at a surprisingly low cost.

Strand Life Sciences

The DNA Detectives

Led by Dr Ramesh Hariharan, Strand employs biologists, computer engineers and data scientists to deliver Precision Medicine! One of India's oldest deeptech companies has a fascinating story.


The Emotional Voice Machine

Sourabh Gupta and Akshay Deshraj have raised USD 29m to build a Voice AI that can talk in your accent, your tonality and even mirror the kind of pauses you take.


Bots That Fulfil Your eCommerce Orders

Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta are building warehouse management robots. With marquee investors like Tiger Global Management, GreyOrange is fast-moving to be a unicorn.

Ati Motors

A Factory Car That Drives Itself

A brain child of Senior Scientist Dr V Vinay, serial entrepreneur Saurabh Chandra and shool dropout Saad Nasser, Ati Motors helps lug heavy cargo within the factory without human intervention.


Complaints to Data Transformers

Prukalpa Sankar and Varun Banka (students from NTU, Singapore) built a platform that helped crowdsource community data and apply data science to it to solve community problems.


The AI Way of Detecting Breast Cancer

Led by Dr. Geetha Manjunath, Niramai uses patented thermal image processing and machine learning algorithms for reliable and accurate screening.


Data-Driven Farming

CropIn's powerful data-rich platform is helping food processing companies to remotely monitor and manage their farms and banks to assess the creditworthiness of farmers at a lower cost.


Devices That Save Lives

Siraj Dhanani and A. Vijayarajan are pioneering truly innovative medical device development in India using Stanford Biodesign methodology. InnAccel’s groundbreaking products can save millions of lives in a resource-starved country such as India.


Your Robot Friend

Balaji Viswanthan and his team are building a line of robots, including humanoid Mitra, who can take over human functions in areas such as customer engagement, sales and patient management.

Meet The Authors

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Nistha Tripathi

is on a mission to make business books interesting to read. A bestselling startup author, her last book, No Shortcuts, featured stories of 15 successful indian entrepreneurs because she was tired of turning to Silicon Valley books for advice on building startups in India.

Previously, an engineer from the University of Illinois and a MBA dropout from new York University, Nistha worked on Wall street and with a few fast-growing startups in Manhattan, where she developed a taste for business strategy. she organized nYU stern’s first entrepreneurship summit that featured the likes of Seth Godin and Chris Dixon. after returning to India, Nistha founded India’s leading career consulting community— scholar strategy. it has helped 600+ applicants get into top MS and MBA programmes in the Us, including MiT, Harvard and Stanford. as of today, she is an active career coach (certified with NeuroLeadership institute, USA), an acclaimed author and a prolific speaker. she has given talks at leading startup events and college startup fests.

With 1,00,000+ followers and more than 12 million views on her content across Quora, Linkedin and instagram, nistha actively writes on entrepreneurship, career advice and pursuing one’s passion. Her articles have appeared on Entrepreneur, Times, DailyO, DNA, Tribune and other leading media outlets.

Apart from running Scholar Strategy, she conducts aspirational talks for students and writing workshops for bloggers. Read more about her here.

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Varun Aggarwal

is an MIT alumnus, wears multiple hats. He successfully built and sold Aspiring Minds, India's largest job skills testing company. He is an active AI researcher and product developer who built the world's first and only AI based programming test and motor skills test. He has invested in multiple deeptech, social and women-founder startups.

He is passionate about developing India’s science and technology ecosystem. He wrote the only data-based book examining India’s research ecosystem (Sage Publishing). He founded India’s largest festival of science, which brings scientists and industry from across the world on a single platform. He recently co-founded, FAST, India (Foundation to Advance Science and Technology), to work closely with institutions and government, to catalyze a new culture of inventions and discoveries in the country.

He has been writing poems since he was in Grade tenth. He wrote a fiction book inspired by Animal Farm, which tells the story of the impact of the internet and AI on our society. Recently, there has been an explosion in the number of new books he is working on - watch out for them.

Advance Praise

  • “This is a must-read for innovators and entrepreneurs looking to build their next startup as to why deeper tech is better in the long run. A clarion call for science and technology startups to push the frontiers of Indian entrepreneurship”

    - Desh Deshpande
    Chairman, Sparta Group LLC and Founder, Deshpande Foundation
  • “The transition from “just” IT services and eCommerce to embracing technologies more generally is an absolute imperative for India. This is not just because of its economic potential but because it would be a shame if we didn’t unlock our massive reservoirs of talent. We can innovate with the best in the world in agriculture, health, material science, space, synthetic biology and what-have-you. Varun and Nistha’s stories encourage our youth to act on the dreams they have in these arenas”

    - Prof Tarun Khanna
    Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business School
  • “This is a timely book that goes beyond the hype of a growing number of unicorns in India and dives into a critical question of technology leadership“

    - Manish Gupta
    Director, Google Research India
  • “Nistha and Varun have put together very powerful stories of Indian deeptech innovation in diverse areas, from farming to space, from robots to AI and from treating cancer to data for social good“

    - Prof. K. VijayRaghavan
    Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India


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